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More retreat talks are on and some daily life talks at You can search on both sites by topic and find lots of talks by other Insight Meditation Teachers too.

Video talk: 13 Ways of Looking at Dharma Practice

Some Audio Talks:

Three Instructions for Life

They Tried To Bury Us, They Didn’t Know We Were Seeds

Dharma For Martin Luther King Jr Day

Love, Revolution and the Idea of Self                                   Suffering & Kindness     

Catching The Right Thought Trains                                  Gratitude, Joy & Humility

Dharma & Modern Life:

Training the Mind in Daily Life: Dharma of Shopping in Big Box Stores

The Dharma of Food                               Dharma and Technology

Watching the News Through the Lens of Dhamma

The Dharma of Being a Sports Fan (aka “Dhamma of Sports”)

Occupy Yourself: Occupy The Six Senses 

Dharma and Magic series (Dharma and the Magic Internet, Dharma and Harry Potter, Dharma of Time Travel, Dharma of Resurrection)

Eightfold Path Series:

Wise Action,   Wise Intention , Wise Effort 

Wise Concentration ,   Wise Livelihood

Developing the Heart:

Series on Friendliness, Compassion, Joy & Equanimity                                                       

Love For The Body                                                   Mindfulness: Befriending Yourself

Digging a Good Trench in Your Heart                   Voyage on the Ocean of Metta

Metta in the Context of Spiritual Practice                              Loving The Enemy     

Top Five Weather Patterns of the Mind                                              Four Elements

Buddhist Cosmology and Your Mind                                       Perception of Change

Navigating Your Life                                       Faith & Courage: Finding True Refuge

Humility and Delusion                                 Practicing the Five Daily Recollections

Dying to Ideas of Self & Resurrection                                          Aligning With Truth

Other Retreat talks:

Buddha’s Recipe for Happiness          Dharma Practice In The World     

Refuge and Renunciation 

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