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Reading the Suttas

June 2014 For those who are interested in reading the teaching of the Buddha directly, I would suggest beginning with the Majjhima Nikaya (Middle Length Discourses) which can also be found online here or here . There are several other resources on the web that can be used as study guides, including Pressing Out Pure Honey  by Sharda Rogell or these talks by Bhikkhu Bodhi. Try reading one periodically, or read one each day.


Reflections on 9-11 Anniversary

Sept 2011 This month our country is remembering the 10th anniversary of Sept 11th and honoring all those who died in that tragedy.

“Hatred will never cease by hatred, hatred will only cease by love; this is a universal law,” said the Buddha. This statement was echoed across time and space by Gandhi and MLK Jr, suggesting that it really is a universal law!

Let’s reflect thoughtfully on these events as we mourn those who passed that day. We can also remember those of all nationalities who have been killed in related (and unrelated) wars over the past 10 years, civilian and military, and those who have been suffering from prejudice and hate crimes in the aftermath of 9-11.