Monday Night Dharma is born!

April 2013 I am starting a regular dharma group in San Francisco Mission, which will start in May w a 6 session meditation class, and then continue as a regular dharma group (Monday Night Dharma).

Part of the reason for my starting the group is that it was pointed out to me that almost all of the Dharma groups in the area are run by male teachers, and it seems an imbalance that there are not more voices of women (or people of other genders) sharing the Dharma as well. This is a common pattern in most spiritual traditions, which I think is not good for anyone, and not reflective of the truth. So instead of just complaining about it, I am stepping up to the seat, 15 years after my teacher initially suggested I do this, and after 7 years of being a gypsy dharma speaker around town. Better late than procrastinating forever! The group is open to everyone, so please come join us. The group will meet at CIIS, 1453 Mission St in San Francisco on most Mondays at 7pm. Check the home page here for dates and details. See you there!