The Dharma talks and articles on meditation are offered here without a price tag. In the Buddhist tradition of Insight Meditation we offer the opportunity for anyone who has benefited fromBuddha Footprints Sri Lanka Temple the teachings to support the teacher and the teachings through generous giving. This is an ancient practice for the development of generosity, a practice which gladdens the heart and mind. There is a different feeling when something is offered out of generosity rather than with a price.

This unusual arrangement allows all to access the teachings regardless of means and derives from the tradition of Buddhist monks and nuns who offer the teachings freely to anyone who has sincere interest, and in turn are given the “requisites” for life: food, lodging, clothing and medicine.

As lay meditation teachers we also require these things to live (as well as transportation, etc). I am able to spend time offering these teachings due to the generosity of people who support me in this way.

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Here are a few articles on this “Dana” or Generosity:

Dana in the Western Insight Meditation Movement by Gil Fronsdal

The Delights of Dana by Ajahn Passano

Dana: the Practice of Giving by Bhikkhu Bodhi

From Spirit Rock website:

According to the Buddha, generosity, or sharing what we have, is one of the central pillars of a spiritual life. In the act of giving we develop our ability to let go, cultivate a spirit of caring, and acknowledge the inter-connectedness that we all share. The Buddha created a system to develop this quality of open-handedness whereby those who share the teachings are dependent on those who receive them. Monks and nuns go on daily alms rounds with a begging bowl, relying on the generosity of lay people for support in continuing their teaching and spiritual life, and lay teachers in our tradition follow a similar practice of offering the teachings without charging a set fee for them.

It is the practice of dana that has kept the Buddhist tradition alive for more than 2,500 years in Asia, where committed supporters have given generously to establish networks of monasteries and retreat centers providing for millions of teachers and practitioners. As this ancient teaching moves to the West, we hope to keep alive this joyful tradition. Lay teachers in the Insight Meditation tradition do not receive a salary, benefits, or pensions, but rely entirely on your generous donations for support.

May your generosity contribute to your happiness and well-being.

Thank you for your support!