Meditation Teaching

Join me for a residential meditation retreat at one of the places below. I recommend you follow an introductory insight meditation class (online or in person) and ideally a daylong of practice before jumping into a multi-day retreat.*

Retreats 2024

Jan 29- Feb 4 Mindfulness in Nature, Manzanita Village, Southern California, w Christiane Wolf, assisted by Marjolein Janssen

Feb 26-Mar 3 Gaia House UK CDL Program (by application) w Zohar Lavie, River Wolton

Mar 8-12  Three Views For Freedom, Gaia House, UK w Jake Dartington

Apr 18-21 Insight Meditation Weekend, Madison, Wisconsin

May 26-30 Body in Nature, Body as Nature Retreat, Spirit Rock, w Will Kabat-Zinn and Cara Lai (details and registration coming soon)

May 12-17 Insight Meditation Retreat, Bozeman, Montana

Aug 9-11 Insight Meditation Weekend, Vancouver, BC

Aug 18-27 Metta Retreat, Spirit Rock Meditation Center, CA w Tempel Smith, Bonnie Duran, John Martin, Kristina Bare,

Aug 30-Sept 2 Labor Day Weekend w Pascal Auclair, IMS,MA

Sept 3-8 LGBTQIA+ Retreat w Pascal Auclair, IMS, MA

Sept 26-30 What The Buddha Taught, Spirit Rock, CA w Gullu Singh , Neesha Patel

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*Also, if you have recently experienced a significant trauma or are having difficulty with psychological stability, a silent intensive residential meditation retreat is not recommended.

There are many different ways to connect with Dharma teachings that can be helpful during different periods such as reading Dharma books, listening to Dharma talks, chanting,  mindfulness in daily life activities, , practicing generosity, engaging with the practice of the precepts, and more.