I teach meditation, work as an organizational consultant, and do leadership coaching with individuals and teams. My work brings Eastern practices to Western modern life,  making them accessible for individuals and organizations. I am particularly interested in the synthesis of leadership, innovation and awareness, helping leaders to develop courage, clarity and compassion to make their vision come to life.

I have formally trained in Buddhist meditation since 1989, primarily Vipassana or Insight Meditation (the root of secular Mindfulness meditation).  After studying Buddhism at Harvard, I spent four years in full-time intensive meditation training in monasteries and retreat centers in the US, India and Sri Lanka. In the twenty years since then I continued to practice in daily life, studied the Pali Canon, and spent at least one month in intensive silent retreat most years. I was invited to teach Dharma in 1998 by Narayan Helen Liebenson and went through a four year teacher training program with Jack KornfieldJoseph GoldsteinCarol Wilson and other leading Western Buddhist meditation teachers. I joined the Teacher’s Council at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in 2011 and lead a regular Monday Night Dharma Group in San Francisco. My Buddhist teaching lineage runs through Mahasi Sayadaw (Burma), Ajahn Chah (Thailand), and Sri Lankan Buddhist monastics.

My consulting and coaching work is informed by a BA in anthropology/religion from Harvard University, an MBA from Yale School of Management focused on leadership and organizational behavior, and certification in coaching from the Coaches Training Institute. I work with groups in the corporate, government, and nonprofit sectors and teach at conferences and leadership programs about communication, mindfulness, wisdom and compassion. I have a coaching office in downtown San Francisco where I see clients in person and also work with people on the phone. For resume info click here; to inquire about consulting or coaching email anushkaconsulting(at) I teach meditation workshops and retreats in organizations and retreat centers around the world.

I am leading a project to purchase a building for a San Francisco Insight Meditation Center. I am also writing a book on Mindfulness and Leadership (Parallax Press, Fall 2016). I have a blog on the Huffington Post about meditation, dharma and politics and my writing has been published in Turning Wheel and Inquiring Mind. I am interested in the life of the city and serve as a mayoral appointee to the San Francisco Citizen’s Committee on Community Development. I was born and raised on the US East Coast soon after my family immigrated from Sri Lanka. I enjoy music, creative arts, nature and athletics. I have been involved in movements for social justice and civil rights all of my life and have been fortunate to work with many great community organizations in this work.