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SF Dharma Center Project: A group is forming to establish an urban Insight Meditation center in San Francisco! A place for classes, sitting groups, community activities, service work, and more. If you are interested in helping make this happen please sign up here! We want to buy a place, so need help with real estate, fundraising, organizing, graphic design etc. If you have a potential place also let us know!

This project is being done in collaboration with Howie Cohn, Eugene Cash and Pam Weiss, who all teach Insight Meditation in San Francisco.

The advisory board for this project includes: Carol Wilson (IMS), Narayan Helen Liebenson (CIMC), Joseph Goldstein (IMS), Sharon Salzberg (IMS), Jack Kornfield (Spirit Rock), Gil Fronsdal (IMC), Larry Yang (Insight Community of the Desert), Pascal Auclair (Voie Boréale/True North), Bonnie Duran (Seattle POCAS),

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Meditation Retreats 2015

Sept 4-7 Uncovering Innate Freedom, Labor Day wknd retreat, IMS w Pascal Auclair (waitlist)

Oct 8-12 Leadership Retreat, Spirit Rock (must hold leadership role in an organization to join)

Oct 29-Nov 1 Mariposa Sangha, Austin Texas

Nov 11-18 Dedicated Practitioners Program, Spirit Rock

2016 Retreats

Jan 24-29 SF Sangha Retreat, Spirit Rock (w Eugene Cash, Howard Cohn, Vinny Ferraro)

Feb 5-14 Insight Meditation Retreat in Brasilia, Brazil

Feb 27-Mar 26 Monthlong Retreat! Spirit Rock (w Phillip Moffett, Andrea Fella, Greg Scharf, Nikki Mirghafori)

Apr 11-17 Evolving Together: Science & Meditation, Spirit Rock (w Wes Nisker & Rick Hansen)

Apr 30- May 1 Seattle Insight Weekend Retreat, Seattle WA

May 20-22 Mid-America Dharma, Kansas City/St, Louis, MO

June 11-15 LGBTQI Retreat, Spirit Rock (w Pascal Auclair)

June 30-July 4 Insight Meditation Retreat for People of Color, Spirit Rock (w Bonnie Duran)

Sept 2-5 Labor Day Retreat, IMS (w Pascal Auclair)

Sept 16-18 Weekend Retreat, Honolulu Hawaii

Oct 7-9 Flowering Lotus Meditation Center, Magnolia, MS

Oct 27-30 Austin Mariposa Sangha, TX

Dec 18-23 LGBTQ Retreat, IMS (w Pascal Auclair)

For info on past teaching engagements, click here.